• Made locally in Somerset West, these 80g Belgian chocolate slabs are absolutely irresistible. They’re especially created for pairing with our wines, but just as delicious enjoyed on their own! Mint – 55% Cocoa (recommend for pairing with Lourensford Honey Liqueur) Orange – 55% Cocoa (recommended for pairing with The Dome Chardonnay) Berry – 70% Cocoa (recommended for pairing with Lourensford River Garden Classique Merlot) Chilli – 55% Cocoa (recommended for pairing with Lourensford River Garden Classique Shiraz)
  • Reckon your nose always knows? Put your sense to the ultimate test and introduce a little mystery by having your friends guess the wines they’re enjoying! Five sequentially numbered bags are included.
  • Previous Vintage
    These locally made chocolates are perfectly paired with our top wines. Order your box and enjoy this exciting pairing in the comfort of your own home. The Dome Chardonnay, paired with an Orange chocolate (55% Cocoa) Lourensford River Garden Merlot, paired with a Berry chocolate (70% Cocoa) Lourensford River Garden  Shiraz, paired with the Chilli chocolate (55% Cocoa) Lourensford Honey Liqueur, paired with a Mint chocolate (55% Cocoa)  
  • This unique keyring is made from a genuine Lourensford Cap Classique cork.
  • 100% pure estate honey made by happy bees who spend their days working in our bluegum trees. 500g
  • Each generously-sized spice grinder (375g) features a tantalising spice blend, infused with wines from Lourensford. Take your dish to the next level with just few grinds!
  • This selection of infused and flavoured salts makes the perfect gift for the foodie in your life! Each variety pack features six 80g salt grinders: Balsamic Infused, Worcester, Cabernet Herb Infusion, Shiraz Braai Infusion, Chilli Braai and BBQ Ale Infusion


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