Our Kleipot wines were born from a deep passion of chief winemaker Hannes Nel to capture the true essence of the magnificent Lourensford Estate. Wine is a result of nature’s grandeur, where she mysteriously undertakes the work of creation.

A vine is influenced by its specific site’s micro climate, or terroir, where temperature, sunshine, wind and rain forge its physical characteristics. However, the most important influence is the soil, where deep underground, the intricate roots of a vine seek vital nutrients to grow its grapes. The composition of the soil forms the soul of the grape, and
Lourensford, nestled in one of the richest floral kingdoms of the world, is blessed with a treasure chest of different soil types.

It is with this knowledge that Hannes meticulously selected vines from three distinct varieties, in order to ultimately capture Lourensford’s finest grape offerings. Very small quantities of wines were made from these grapes in the most natural way possible. Traditional terracotta amphorae (or claypots) were used to showcase honest fruit purity and
expression of perfectly balanced natural soils. The true soul captured.

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