“Our Kleipot wines were born out of the deep passion to explore and embrace the unknown, to interpret and understand our unique and diverse soils. The aim is to express and unlock the true essence of our Chardonnay in these soils in a natural wine. Made and aged with minimal intervention in terracotta amphora’s these wines are a true expression of perfectly balanced soils and meticulously selected grapes to produce an authentic Lourensford wine of honest purity that is true to nature.”

The wine has elegant flavours of citrus, pineapple and melon on the nose. It is supported with white peach, green apple and hints of jasmine, lemongrass and ginger. The wine has a brilliant linear acidity and dominant dense mineral core with layered sweetness and balanced flinty acidity due to the natural fermentation and aging in the terracotta amphora. The roundness on the palate and a beautifully integrated texture with flavours of orange blossom and lemony zest supported by a concentrated textured finish coats your mouth and make you want to spend more time in the presence of this big wine.

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Tim Atkin – 92 points