MCC Brut 2011

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The wine is mysterious, unassuming and surrounded with finesse. The fine bubbles enhance the iodine-like minerality that reminds of fresh seaweeds and kelp, complemented by a rich biscuity allure. Yeasty flavours of freshly baked bread, lemon cream, Granny Smith and Pink Lady apples on the nose and hints of citrus, pineapple and kiwi fruit on the pallet. The wine finishes rich and leaves a creamy aftertaste.

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Vitis Vinifera – Gold (2016)


Harvest Description

It was a very dry season with a shorter ripening period resulting in lower acidity at the desired sugar levels in the grapes. Careful canopy management was done to make sure the grapes receive just enough sunlight to keep them healthy and produce balanced fruit flavours. The fruit was picked by hand early in the morning to protect the very delicate flavours.

The grapes were harvested 21st of January – 2nd of February 2011.


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