River Garden Chardonnay 2016

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Lovely dried peach and pineapple flavours with hints of lemon blossom on the nose and vibrant fresh fruit on the pallet that is very well balanced with a rich butterscotch creaminess and zesty, crisp finish making it a delicious easy drinking wine.

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Gold Wine Awards – Gold (2015)


Harvest Description

Lourensford Estate experienced a moderate wet winter that allowed vines to go into proper dormancy with budding that started a week or two earlier than usual. We did not have the usual severe South Easter winds at the start of summer. This resulted in very good and even budding and flowering of the vines. We experienced a fairly cool but very dry summer with moderate temperatures and cool nights that resulted in much faster ripening and the earliest recorded harvest dates in the history of the Estate. The vines were generally very healthy and in good balance and harmony. With good canopy management and perfect ripening conditions we managed to bring the grapes in at just the desired time. This resulted in refined wines with elegance, good natural acidity and structure.

In The Vineyard

Altitude: 100-200m above sea level from various locations on Lourensford Wine Estate
Age of vines: 9-14 years
Rootstock: 101-14 Mgt, Richter 110
Clones: CY277, CY76, CY95
Slopes: North Eastern and flat laying areas
Row direction: North South and East-West
Soil type: Varying soil types including high potential soil of Sweetwater, Tukulu, Dundee and Pinedene


Alcohol: 14 vol %
pH: 3.67
Total acid: 6.3 g/l
RS: 2.6 g/l
Closure: Aluminium screwcap with Saran/Tin liner

Wine Information

Cultivar: Chardonnay
Wood: Unwooded

Maturation Potential

This vintage can be enjoyed up to 2018 if stored correctly but will reach it’s best drinking potential towards the middle of 2016.

Food Pairing

It is a refreshingly versatile wine that will go well with pasta dishes, poultry and fish in creamy sauces. It is also good with asparagus and melted butter, snails in garlic butter, Ceaser salad, mild Indian korma or other creamy coconutty curries, guacamole and shellfish stews. Also with eggy dishes, particularly those containing cream, butter or cheese, and with soufflés and quiches. It will also be a great companion to be enjoyed outdoors with your favourite picnic.

The wine is best served slightly chilled, but not too cold.


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