Winemaker’s Selection Chardonnay 2014

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Intense ripe pineapple and melon flavours supported by white peach, apricot and hints of jasmine and lemon zest. Orange peel, roasted cashew nuts, toffee and vanilla flavours in the wine reminds of a wet pine forest floor in autumn. The wine has a brilliant acidity and strong core due to the natural fermentation. The roundness on the pallet and flavours of orange blossom and lemony zest is supported by a creamy finish.

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Decanter – Commended (2015)
Chardonnay du Monde – Silver (2015)


Harvest Description

A cool and very wet winter allowed vines to go into proper dormancy. We experienced lots of rain, thunder storms and floods in August and November. Luckily this did not affect the sensitive flowering and ripening stages too much. The thunder storms and lots of rain resulted in good growth of the vines after budding. We had very little severe South Easter winds at the start of summer that resulted in very good budding and flowering of the vines and a record harvest. We experienced a fairly cool summer that resulted in slower ripening and the ability to harvest at lower sugar levels. With good canopy management and perfect harvest decisions we manage to bring the grapes in at just the desired time. This resulted in refined wines with elegance and good natural acidity.

The harvest date was 5th of March 2014.


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