Flower Collection Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2015

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A deep, dark red wine with blackcurrant & red berry flavours which include hints of roasted coffee bean & tobacco leaf. The palate is bold and refreshing with dark chocolate & fruitcake nuances and an earthy, spicy elegance on the finish.

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Gold Wine Awards – Gold (2016)


Harvest Description

Lourensford Estate experienced a moderate wet winter that allowed vines to go into proper dormancy with budding that started a week or two earlier than usual. We did not have the usual severe South Easter winds at the start of summer. This resulted in very good and even budding and flowering of the vines. We experienced a fairly cool but very dry summer with moderate temperatures and cool nights that resulted in much faster ripening and the earliest recorded harvest dates in history on the Estate. The vines were generally very healthy and in good balance and harmony. With good canopy management and perfect ripening conditions we managed to bring the grapes in at just the desired time. This resulted in refined wines with elegance, good natural acidity and structure.

The harvest dates were February – March 2015.

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